August 29, 2006

Honey, I'm home!

Well, I’ve made it! And the cartoon explains it all; although I am glad to be back, I do not sense any feelings of relief, happiness or jubilation in town. The atmosphere is odd. People are shell-shocked, anxious, and otherwise disturbed of what happened, and what may come.
Just about everyone seems to be bankrupt. And I am not talking about the ones that lost homes, businesses and/or family members. These are people that got through the war relatively intact, but now find themselves in situation where jobs suddenly no longer exist, where salaries have been cut down (to 50% is some cases), and everyone is wondering how they are going to get through this.
Strange times indeed. The newspaper asked me, as I was 5 minutes in country, on a news analysis on Nasrallah’s position, what the Sunday interview meant (in colloquial Arabic, I might add), and whether the criticism of Sayyed el-Amin from Tyre is a sign of things to come his way.
But it is good to be back home.

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Michael van Eekeren said...

Staat je huis nog overeind? Leeft je man nog?
Heb je nou in Nederland kunnen schrijven over de oorlog of heb je echt moeten wachten tot je weer terug was?
Wat een ironie, have a nice summer! Ik steeds maar kijken en steeds die nice summer die me maar stond aan te kijken.
Andere ironie: jij hebt waarschijnlijk meer werk dan voorheen van Trouw.
Groeten Michael
ps is een samenvatting-poststuk van wat er allemaal met jullie gebeurd is een idee?