June 11, 2006

Saturdays in Beirut: Weddings and Concerts

I love weddings. Bridget got married to Frank Saturday afternoon, in downtown Beirut.

Long ago, parents would send their children on a trip to Paris, Venice, Florence, and above all Rome, as the culmination of their classical education. This so called ‘Grand Tour’ primary educational value was to expose their offspring to the cultured artifacts of antiquity and the Renaissance. This was their idea of an all-round education.
When I grew up, the idea of an all-round education had changed a little. Apart from the formal education, children were enrolled in a massive amount of extra-curricular activities, such as sports, music lessons, swimming lessons and on you go.
My idea of a Grand Tour is to expose my offspring to Rock concerts. We don’t have too much choice here in Lebanon as we are a bit off the beaten concert track, but still, we get some artists in town.
So yesterday we had 50 cents I town. Since we played his ‘In Da Club’ quite frequently in the car, I thought it might be nice for Eddie to see the guy live. The tickets were criminally expensive. And Haifa Wehbe was in the program as well. For the Dutch unfamiliar with Haifa Wehbe; remember Vanessa (now Mrs. Breukhoven)? And the guy did not start his show until 12:30 which was a bit annoying since the downtown parking where I had put my car announced it would close its door 1:45. That did not spoil the fun.
Show was okay.

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