June 24, 2006


There this night club in my neighborhood. It’s called Gold Rush. I always thought it was no longer operating, but this poster on the door suggests the scene is alive and kicking in this ‘Super Night CluP” called ‘Goold Rushe’.
They should fire his publicity guy. Maybe he IS the publicity guy (as well as being the singer, the hair dude, etc), because that little finger placed strategically under his chin suggest thinking. Or maybe just any brain activity.

It is a pose that is very popular with the girls in this town when they are being photographed for celebrity magazines. I have never seen anything like this in Holland, but if you are organizing a party, and you are a ‘somebody’, or a ‘wanna-be somebody’, or you think you are a ‘somebody’ (but your friends haven’t told you yet you aren’t), you call the celeb. Mags. who will send a photographer, who will picture all the pretty girls, and that sells quite well on a weekly or monthly basis. Pictures of couples, and girls, and friends, and families, and cousins and I don’t know what else on the pages of magazines. All with the right arm elegantly bend at the wrist, index finger stretched and glued to the chin, pinkie pointing a little up, and the other fingers a little down.

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Ghassan said...

let alone the name of the guy (amar lebnan = Lebanon's builder)