June 02, 2006

Democracy Hezbollah Style: Tolerant with the Intolerant.

We’ve had (and are still having) this discussion in Holland; what to do with our Islamic fundamentalists? We (the Dutch) are a tolerant nation; we’ve got all kinds of laws protecting the rights of each and every individual. One has freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and other very useful kind of rights.

However, we are facing grave problems in Dutch society, because we have been tolerant with those that are not tolerant towards our tolerance. We have to accept their differences, yet they have no desire, and seemingly no duty, to accept our differences. And since we do not have the right to discriminate, we are forced to tolerate those that discriminate against us.

A rather screwed up situation; one that seems to be surfacing as well in Lebanon. Because last night, a crowd of Hezbollah supporters went on a (albeit minor) rampage through town.

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - Hundreds of Shiite Muslims (…) took to the streets of southern Beirut on Thursday night, burning car tires and blocking roads - including the highway to Lebanon’s international airport, police and witnesses said’

And why did they do that? Because they were enraged by a TV comedy that mocked the leader of Hezbollah. A satiric TV show had used the head of Hezbollah, a certain (and rather charismatic, I might add) sjeikh Hassan Nasrallah. (although some may prefer this biography)

It is very acceptable to burn a puppet representing George Bush during Hezbollah demonstrations, or step on the flag of the Israeli state, but lo and behold if you make fun of their sacred Hassan! Boy, will you eat shit if you ever use Mr. Nasrallah’s name in vain!

And this is democracy Hezbollah style, which is not a democracy at all, but rather a “you have the freedom to so and say whatever you want, provided it suits us”.

Hezbollah is always very careful in how they express themselves. Granted, ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ is far from nuancated, but if you are willing to ignore that part, they are a moderate bunch. Or so they would like you to believe. Last night shows you however that this is not a moderate group, they are a bunch of very fanatic individuals, and this is how things will be in this country if Hezbollah would ever get more power. Well, you wonder, what idiot would ever vote for these guys? Apart from the fanatic individuals themselves?
Well, there this Christian general (picture his wife with a scarf. In Iran you must cover your hair as a woman, whether you are a Muslim or not), who used to be anti-Syrian, but who seems to be pro-Syrian and nowadays pro-Hezbollah as well, who’s bedmates with this Nasrallah guy.
Now how anyone can back up Aoun, since he’s backing up Hezbollah, and still believe they are not some tool in the greater Hezbollah scheme is totally beyond my comprehension.

Some statements made in Lebanese blogs
First it was the Prophet Mohammed pyromaniac protest but now Sayyed Nasrallah has his own "I want to burn something" fan club. Zadig

Nasrallah issued a statement urging his followers, uh, worshippers to go back home. From Beirut to Beltway.

I am confused. What exactly is Hassan Nasrallah to you? Is he your holy, sacred and revered spiritual leader? Or is he your political representative in a relatively democratic and plural political system? Lebanese bloggers
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