June 22, 2006

0 - 0

Uneventful is the word. We enjoyed ourselves, but were not really following the game. Well, I did know it was Argentine we were up against, but other than that, Theo had to fill us in with his remarkable well-thought-of and intelligent commentaries to keep us interested. To keep me interested. The ride home was much more fun. Dropped Theo and some lady friends off at a 'short pants party' which - it seemed - had already ended.
This is one from another game.


Theo said...

And so, we ended up in DePrague, I bought a car for in November, when I'm back and we go skiing with Harald and we had some nice chats over a beer.

Wat zeg je dat mooi zeg: mijn intelligente en goed-overdachte opmerkingen... ofzo. Ik word bijna trots! Ga je nog mee naar de trappen vandaag? Ik ga met Annemieke lunchen bij Le Chef en moet nog even een x-ray van mijn tanden laten maken voor bij dr. Richard morgen (lekker ding!) maar verder heb ik het niet echt druk. Dus bel maar, ofzo...

Sietske in Beiroet said...

Nee, trappen wordt morgen, moest vandaag stennis schoppen met drie verschillende mensen. Heeft me wel een hoop geld gescheeld.