May 26, 2006

How Low Can You Go?

Nobody seems to be picking up on this story, but I am quite intrigued by this Tikriti guy.
It turns out he’s not a cousin, but a nephew. Bashar Sabawi Ibrahim Hassan al-Tikriti. His dad gained notoriety by appearing in court in his underwear.
Once, these guys were at the top of their game, and pretty much in charge of an entire nation. Their word was law. They could wheel and deal and they pleased, move around as they wished. God on Earth.
And then suddenly, there’s this Texas cowboy, whom they must have vexed an awful lot, and he goes out for the kill.
And here Sabawi ends up; in a two star hotel in the seedy neighborhood of Maameltein, Lebanon, a semi-red-light district somewhere above Beirut, while tampering with his passport. The police caught him because the staff of the hotel had the feeling that the guy had tried to change the name in his passport. You would think that these guys would have access to multiple passports, or at least a source for a new one. His Dad ran the secret service of Iraq for a number of years for crying out loud! And here this simpleton is trying to change the name on his passport because he wanted to get into Brazil, of all places. Sounds like Paraguay, where all the Nazis ended up after WW II. What an amateur!
The guy didn’t even have a decent second passport! This makes you think. For years and years and years, Iraq has been run by a bunch of amateurs; simple crooks, who happened to get away with it because everybody was just too scared.
That’s a very sad thought. How an entire nation can be run aground by a bunch of crooks.

It should give you some insight into Syria though, which is very similar to Iraq in many ways.

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