May 03, 2006

For Medicinal Purposes Only

Holland is well known for its liberal policies towards certain mind-expanding drugs. Most people here believe that in Holland everything in the field of non-medical drugs is for sale on the market, but that’s not quite true. It is only cannabis (marijuana and hashish) that islegal, and even that is not quite true. They are semi-legal, which means you can carry an amount on you that is for you personal use only, which is 5 grams, I believe.
So it is not law-enforcement, but non-enforcement. Any amount above that limit would indicate you are a dealer, and this could result in fines and/or prison sentence.
But we do grow some mean weed in Holland, called ‘Nederwiet’.

Anyway, to make a long story short; I was in the supermarket yesterday, and looking for birdfood. I couldn't find the birdfod, but I found this instead. Now this is just your local grocery store. I had to look three times before I got it.
Hemp seed? Isn't that the same as hennep sees, the stuff you grow marijuana plants from? The seeds do look the same. And this is for sale in the supermarket?
I may be missing the point. But just to be sure, I bought a bag, and sowed it in the planters on the balcony. Sowing your bird seed can’t be illegal, no? For medicinal purposes only.
I’ll mail a picture once the plantation is ready for harvest. And yes Theo, you can come and have a look at it then.

Marijuana consists of the buds, leaves, and resin of the cannabis plant. The stalks and sterilized seeds are considered "hemp."

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Theo said...

Tegen de tijd dat dat oogstrijp is, komen we graag nog een keer op je balkon zitten Sietske. Misschien dan zonder rosé?