May 09, 2006

Bureacracy & Beds (Part II)

I put the bench together. That went pretty smoothly( a lot smoother than picking it up), even got one iron bar left. On second inspection, it turned out that this bar is actuall not part of the bed.It was stuck to the outside of the box with scotch tape when I picked it up from the airport. My guess is that it dropped out of a box near mine, and some thoughtfull employee thought it belonged to my box, and glued it to mine. So somewhere out there is some poor guy (or gal) trying to assemble, who knows, maybe a bed just like mine, and he’s got that iron bar missing.
That thought is, somehow, really funny. The result is not bed, oop sorry, bad.
No time to relax on/in it however, as an incident last Saturday during Eddie's Gala has got the entire family up in arms and on the war path. More about that later.

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