April 14, 2006

Why I Like This Country

This is a topic that has featured quite a bit in my posts, but I often get reminded of this. Just now, I dropped Lois off at the airport. She’s due in Korea tomorrow. It was quiet at the airport, most flight come in early morning or late evening, so there was practically no one parking when I got there. I unloaded her suitcase, said goodbye, and got back in the car.
As I started the car, a guy from Internal Security (they are neither police nor army, and thus wear a uniform that is camouflaged grey, not green) tells me from across the street; “Quickly quickly.” Now why he would say that I don’t know, since there was no traffic at all. I look in my mirror, and back up. I then hear a very distinct crunch. Ooops, I ran into something, something plastic from the sound of it, probably a plastic traffic barrier, although I cannot remember there being one when I parked the car there. So this guy from the internal security looks at me with these dog eyes, and says:
“Now look what you have done!”
I look out of my window and see the small black wheel of a little scooter. I ran over a scooter.
“Now what ass hole would park their scooter right behind my car”! I tell him as he walks over to pick up the unlucky scooter.
“That would be me,” he replies.
This makes me laugh out loud. I’ve been on the beach the afternoon and stashed away a few Margueritas, so I thought this was infinitely funny.
“Oh well, you told me I had to be quickly,” I laugh.
“Quickly forward, not backward,” he grumbles.
“You didn’t say that.”
“Now I say it, please quickly forward,” and I drive away.

Now where in the world could you call an officer an asshole, run over his scooter, laugh and get away with it?

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Michael van Eekeren said...

Nog minder respect voor de politie dan in Nederland, ik wist niet dat het bestond.
Sietske, zou je een keer willen mailen naar info@michaelvaneekeren.nl Kunnen we off the record een keer bijpraten
Groeten Michael