March 13, 2006

Bad Hair Day

Eddie had a Bad Hair Day in school. Or maybe it was a Crazy Hair Day. First it was Pajamas Day, and he had to go to school in his pajamas, and today he had to come with a crazy hair-do. We had gold hair gel, but that didn’t seem strong enough, so we fortified it with plastic hair bands from his sister’s collection. So it was all nice and soft when he went to school, but by the afternoon it was as hard as wood. Even when he took out the rubber bands it stayed straight up. He had to walk to school, because he missed his ride with me. I wake him up at 6:00, yet he very often is still in bed by the time I go to work. So he had to cross town with this funny hairdo. He didn’t complain.
His sister, on the other hand, has voiced her grave discontent with the fact that the cat has now officially occupied the doll's bed. She’s not using it often enough apparently, and the cat rather likes it.

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Ysbrand said...

ppffffff,.... that doesn't look good! we'll keep this one.