April 02, 2005

To The Aquarium

You can feel things aren’t right now. Cecile and I went into town today, did our round of ‘cheap shopping’, and took the kids to the aquarium in Jdeideh (they had a bomb there a couple off days ago) in the afternoon. I asked two of Adrian’s friends to join us. Their Moms wouldn’t let them. “Jdeideh? Are you crazy?” This is Saturday, town’s supposed to be packed with shoppers. But it’s quiet in the shops. Maybe a costumer or two, but several times we were the only ones in the store. In the east it is almost impossible to shop, ‘cause they won’t let you park anywhere near the shops. All streets are cordoned off with yellow police tape. Nobody wants to have that car bomb in front of their place. At the aquarium – quite a nice place – we were also the only ones. On the way back I took Bliss street, which usually is one long a traffic jam because everybody goes there to get their fruit cocktails (and park in the middle of the road, needless to say). It was a through fare today, very little traffic. This can’t last very long like this. People seems to take it very serious, are not going out and are not spending any money.

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