April 04, 2005

Power Cuts

All lights went out last night, 8:02 PM local time. It happens a lot, usually one neighborhood at a time. Power plant cannot feed the whole city. But it rarely cuts off the entire city at the same time. This time entire Beirut was dark. We could see it from our house (We have a roof apartment, overlooking major parts of West-Beirut, with a view on the mountains of East Beirut). The whole town blacked out. That hasn’t happened since the Israelis bombed the power plant. It took a good thirty seconds before the first generators kicked in, and individual buildings got their power back. I tried to figure out what had happened this morning, but it is so incredibly usual, that it didn’t even make it to the paper. People are so used to it in fact, that it doesn’t even cause a baby boom. Figure that one out. If this would have happened in Holland, they’d have entire parliament debates about it. Here it doesn’t even make it to the newspaper. “You were in the dark all last night? Oh, well, sorry folks.”
We do have some awesome sunsets though. This is the one of today.
Bill Clinton’s diary is off the web. I figured it was a hoax, but it was a pretty darn good one. Petty, the guy said some good things about Lebanon.

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