April 10, 2005

Brothers and such

I think I’ll remove the options of commenting on my blog. All I get are these irate readers, like brothers and such … Hum.
Today I am going to walk the 5K. It starts at 11:00 A.M. The organizers promised medals to anyone who signed up for this walk. All the more reason for the kids to do it. Now they are saying only the first 2000 will get a medal. As I am walking with a two year old, and will reach the finish line somewhere around dusk, I guess that won’t be us.
Almost finished my story, still need to talk to two people. Should be in Trouw on Wednesday.

1 comment:

Ysbrand said...

Irate brother? Now you be a little more grateful girl, if it wasn't for your brother, who would be reading all this?