October 16, 2008

Lebanese Royalty

We do not have any official royalty in Lebanon. At least not that I know of. There are of few ‘princes’ hanging around in my extended circle of acquaintances, but personally I have yet to understand what exactly that entails. “Yes, he is really a prince. His name is Emir so-and-so,” a friend told me. An emir fallen on hard times maybe, who now lives in the servants quarters while he’s had to sell the by now delapidated family mansion to the post-war riche.

In summer the ratio of ‘princes to people’ significantly increases with all the Saudis coming here for a vacation; there are more princes in Saudi Arabia then that there are Saudis themselves, I have the feeling.

But I have royalty living under my roof; it is a Lebanese Princess.

I had only just weaned off my son (he can now navigate through most of Beirut on his own with our intricate service system) when the Lebanese Princess announced her arrival on the Socialite Scene. I know that in the States girls are introduced to society at the age of maturity. Country bumpkins they are, compared to their Lebanese counterparts. They do it a little earlier here. This Lebanese Princess at age 5 is networking like there is no tomorrow.

One of her main issues is not about getting a new Barbie doll, but about having a driver. “So how come we can’t have a driver?”

And so I would like to share with you her agenda of the last week. Maybe you will have pity on me. You should. It’s not easy living with Lebanese royalty.

The Princess decides she is in for a haircut. And while her Mom escorts her to the hairdresser, the princess throws in a brushing as well. “Yes, that’s okay,” she says, as the hair dresser shows her the results.
The Princess decides that she wants to be ‘Tinkerbell’ for Halloween, and she says she needs to go to the dressmaker (‘like now, duh”) to pick out textiles, and have her measurement taken. Mom has to escort her.
Princess has a birthday and so Mom has to chauffeur her to and from the venue.
Princess is invited for yet another birthday and so Mom has to chauffeur her to and from the venue again.
Princess needs to rest and so her mother may rest too. The Lebanese Princess decides to go to the beach. Mom may esciort her.
Princess has organized a play date at her friend V.’s house and so Mom may pick her up at 6.
Princess has her first fitting for the Tinkerbell costume. She deems it too ‘itchy’, and so she orders extra lining. Mom has to escort her.
Princess has organized a play date at her friend T.’s house and so Mom may pick her up at 6.
Today (Thursday)
Princess has the second fitting of Tinkerbell costume; Mom has to escort her. The costume fits. She decides it needs beads and bangles, and so Mom must take her shopping. When they come back, she meets her friend Ali, and she dismisses her Mom with a “You can go now, I am going to play at Ali’s house.”
Mom is left alone on the parking lot with the shopping bags. She has just enough time to walk the Princess’s dog, before she is off to buy a present for a girl, because ...
Tomorrow (Friday)
the Princess has another birthday and so Mom will have to chauffeur her to and from the venue. "Oh, and by the way, when I celebrate my birthday, I want a big party OUTSIDE the house."

Yes, your highness.

When can I legally marry her off?


m. said...


Looks like she will be quite the high-maintenance wife once the time comes.

Anonymous said...

yeah, will not be easy to get rid of this one cheaply.

Anonymous said...

LOL... I just love it

Marillionlb said...

I have a prince who will be turning twelve at the end of this month, and I am encountering more or less of the same.
Those are the simple pleasures in life I guess :)

kellie said...

Our four year old says she is a big girl now and she is not interested in princesses anymore, so she plays superheroes instead.

Anonymous said...

Great, those blue socks down under.
Congrats with this wonderfull gir!!


Anonymous said...

what happened to her eyebrows?

Nour K said...

so... how'd the costume turn out? :-)

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